Monday, April 29, 2019

Work in Progress

Last week was not blessed with time for hobby. But I still managed to create some additions for my projects.

First I finished the build of new member for my Tzeentch Cult. The 9th member is a melee fighter.
His torso and arms are from a Kairic Acolyte, which were combined with legs from a Neophtye Hybrid. The GSC symbol was replaced with a tzeentchian one and the transition between the torso and legs were filled with Green Stuff. I also added a plate of the Kairic Acolytes again. I really like these little and versatile plates ;-)
For the head I used one of the Blightkings. Removed the horns and added Green Stuff to achive kind of a wrapped scarf. Next was the weapon. I wanted to have a simple, two handed weapon, which matches the appearance of the other cultists. A Gor spear was the foundation. I've shortened the staff, glued on a reversed hand and used an axe-head, which was also taken from the Gors-Kit. I needed to fill a small gap on the reversed hand and the model was ready for basing. This was done in the same way as before.

I also started to work on another model for the cult. It's based on a Skaven body, which I received from PDH for sending him two old 'Brown Inks'. He actually send me a lot of cool bitz for these two inks! For the models head I used a bird skull and the lower half of a Crypt Ghoul's head. Afterwards I sculpted a hood with green stuff.

During researches for Slaanesh related stuff I stumbled over the following artwork. It's really awesome in my opinion.

The artwork fits my imagination of a 'Herald of Slaanesh' more than perfect. So I started the kitbash.
I used a Fiend's torso and added the snake tail from a Melusai Blood Sister. The Fiend's loincloth was placed on the backside and the gaps were filled with Green Stuff.

The Fiend's Claws were replaced with hands from a Bloodletter. The sword is taken from the Tzaangor of the 'Eyes of the Nine' Warband.

For creating transitions and filling gaps I used Green Stuff again. I'm really looking forward to continue my work on this model and like the direction i'm heading with this.

Thanks a lot for your visit, feel welcome to comment and stay tuned.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Emperors Children Champion

After two days of painting and countless highlights I finished my Emperors Children Champion. He will be the Leader / Commander of my Slaanesh Killteam and count as Lucius the Eternal in 40K (in case I should have an army someday ;-P).

I tried a new technique on the daemonic whip and created some drool with UHU glue. Afterwards it was painted with Vallejo's Game Effects Dried Blood and Fresh Blood and I really like the result. I actually wanted to paint some ornaments on the legs, but I couldn't achive the desired look and kept the armour black. Maybe I'll try it again when my freehand skills are improved. But for now, I present you my Champion in all his glory.

Thanks a lot for your visit, feel welcome to comment and hail the Dark Prince.

Slaanesh Champion - WIP #2

After KrautsScientist's awesome suggestions, I made a few improvements to the champion. I replaced the axe with a sword from the Tzaangors and used a piece of a Daemonette's whip for the pommel.

Then I added a second breastplate. I also tried to scuplt some more ornamentation with green stuff. But sadly that didn't worked at all :-( .

The necklace of the Infernal Enrapturess was placed between both plates.

And a second spike was added to each leg.

I decided to keep the big banner on the backback and went outside to prime that guy.

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Tzeentch Warband

-Servants of Tzeentch-

If you have missed the painting guide click here for:

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Tzeentch Warband - Part VI

My tzeentchian warband Cult of the Changing Destiny still needed some deamonic reinforcements.
After some creative struggle with my Changewalkers, I finally managed to finish them. But I decided to create alternate Blue Horrors.

First I added some Green Stuff tubes an the back of their heads. Then the bodys from the Sylvaneth Dryads and Blootletter heads were simply connected with some green Stuff and received some spikes. The Arms are from the Crypt Ghouls and various pieces from the Dryady Kit. I also used a Hormagaunt Claw on one model.

After building these four models I applied GW's Agrellan Earth to create some more texture and created the base structure. For the bases you can find a link below (Part 1) ;-)

Painting was really simple and fast. I used mostly shades and drybrush, like on the Cult's Bird, to get the desired look. So, here are some Images of the finished Horrors.

If you have missed the painting guide for the tzeentchian warband, click here for:

Happy Easter, thank you very much for your visit, feel welcome to comment and stay tuned!