Thursday, June 27, 2019

KILL TEAM 28 - Version 1.0

Today I can finally present you the first version of KILL TEAM 28. Today is my 33rd Birthday and I thought this is a nice way to celebrate it in the hobby community!

Get the PDF by following the link:

Kill Team 28 is a 100% unofficial toolbox for creating unique warbands, using the Kill Team rules and gameplay. It’s first the models, second the rules. In the INQ28 scene most people are creating models not regarding any specific rules. But they have a nice narrative or story for their models. Kill Team 28 is designed to give these warbands the opportunity to be used in Kill Team. You can keep the gameplay of Kill Team and have rules for your weirdest warband creations. If you like INQ28 stuff and the Kill Team gameplay – this one is for you!

I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or critics for this project. You are missing something or have a plan to improve things? Just let me know.

Thank you very much for your visit and stay tuned! As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

WIP - Namorra Prime Tribe / Blood Priestess

I continued the work on my latest Warband. This Warband will be something like a tribe.
After the decay of Namorra Prime, a planet in the Ondroma System, the population was forced to find new ways of living. This resulted in self-declared kingdoms, clans, tribes, nomads, cults and marauders, besides a very few remaining imperial strongholds. I really like the idea of a ragtag tribe with a strong family-like bond, that has developed over decades in the wildlands. This warband will also include some kids, which are rarely represented in the 40K Universe, but logically a big part of it, in my opinion. My goal for this warband is a sinister, grim dark appearence with a post-apocalytic touch. I finished the witch / shaman, shown in my last post and really looking forward to paint her.

To represent the Shaman's connection to nature and her enviroment, I thought a familiar in form of a 'pet' would be neat. A beast that scours throu the wilderniss and is actually known to be a dangerous hunter. I've searched for inspiration in my 'bitz-box' and found the new Khorne Flesh Hounds. I converted one of them by removing the spiky crest and the spikes on the tail. A ring was added to the collar and afterwards I used Vallejo's Dark Earth Texture Paint to create a fur-like surface. A surprisingly easy and quick job, that could induce me to create a whole pack of these hunters.

Furthermore, I am creating a Blood Priestess for a Malal Chaos Cult. This is a single-model project and she won't be part of one of my warbands. It's my first commission work and and a new experience for me. Usually I don't do commissions, but in this case I can do what I'm used to do and give it a try. Following some pictures of the progress so far.

Thank you very much for your visit and stay tuned! As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Friday, June 14, 2019

WIPs, Witches & Disco

Currently I am working on different time consuming projects, like a codex for a event I'm planning next year, preparing the upcoming release of KillTeam28 V.1 and writing a review of my first year back in hobby. These will get an extra post and information to each of this projects will follow soon.

But I'm also working on some minis, of course ;-)

First is an early WIP of a witch I'm working on. She will be part of a new Warband I'm planning and is also a chance to improve my sculpting skills. The foundation is the female model of the Dark Elves BB Team. The head is a Daemonette wtih antlers from a Blightking's helmet. This should help to give her a shamanic appearance. I'm really looking forward to continue this project.

Another concept I'm working on is also a female character. For now, this is just an AoS Sorceress and a breast-armour of the VanSaar Gangers. I really like how this turned out and provides a nice foundation to start from.

My recently finished Astartes Kill Team will get some reinforcement in form of two Infiltrator Marines. Again, these Primaris got some minor conversions. Most of that work was done on their weapons. The Infiltrator models are pretty cool, but the optics and sights on their Bolters are placed ridiculously, in my opinion. So I replaced their rifles with the Reiver Bolters. The first modification I made was adding a silencer, which I took from the Delaque-Gangers. The Bolters also received a Collapsible Stock, a Red-Dot styled sight, and a flashlight. These three parts were all made of the Mag/Scope bit of an Intercessor Bolt-Rifle. For the Stock I also needed a small round plastic rod. The last upgrade was a laser-marker which is simply the scope of a Fire Warrior's Pulse-Rifle.

I also managed to paint a few parts for these Models like the weapon-arms and heads and a backpack.

With the desire to try out something new, I took a look at some flouroscent Paints. These colours can easily be mixed with standard colours to vary their brightness. I used fluo green for lenses, pure flou orange for the lasers and a silver / fluo white mix for the flashlights. I finished these small areas by applying a layer of Gloss Medium. I really like this effect, but sadly you can only see this glowing effect with the use of a UV-light source. So, time for disco!

As always thank you very much for your visit, comment if you want to and stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Going Tactical - Raptors

I really like the lore of the Raptors Chapter, the way they wage war and that they use the Codex Astrates more as a guideline. The Raptors willingly employ whatever tactics they believe most appropriate, relying upon success to establish their Chapter's glory rather than misguided notions of honour and dogmatic thought. If you're interested in the Raptors' lore, please click here.

With all the new and awesome Primaris stuff I've collected so far, I felt like it's time for an Adeptus Astartes Kill Team. They should look like a tactical strike team with different characters. Still unified, but every battle brother should appear as a real specialist for special tasks. So here are the first members of  Kill Team Aurora:

Eliminator Sergeant - Kill Team Leader

Reiver Sergeant - Combat Specialist

Intercessor Gunner - Demolition Specialist

All of these models are very simple conversions, but very effective, in my opinion. Hard to believe, but these are actually the first loyal Space Marines I've ever finished. Their Dull Green colour and all these new Primaris designs are a perfect match for creating a tactical Spec-Ops look. The camo pattern is heavily inspired by the german WWII splinter camo. I tried some freehands on these models and I think the chapter icons, grenade symbols, etc. turned out pretty neat.

Kill Team Aurora
Raptors Chapter

I used the following colours to paint these guys:
VMC - Vallejo Model Color
C- Citadel Paint
VMC 095 US Dark Green
C Agrax Earthshade (Blacklining, Recesses)
VMC 094 Russian Uniform (Edge)
VMC 094 Russian Uniform + VMC 201 White Glaze (Edge)
VMC 150 German Camo Black Brown (Scratches)
VMC 094 Russian Uniform (Highlight Scratches)
Masks / Weapons
VMC 102 German Fieldgrey WWII (Edge)
VMC 101 Green Grey (Edge)
C Agrax Earthshade (Recesses, Dirt)
VMC 150 German Camo Black Brown (Scratches)
VMC 101 Green Grey (Highlight Scratches)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green
VMC 092 Olive Grey
VMC 083 Flat Green
C Agrax Earthshade (Recesses)
VMC 102 German Fieldgrey WWII (Edge)

Cloak (inside)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green
C Agrax Earthshade (Full)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green (Highlight)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green + VMC 201 White Glaze (Highlight)
VMC 090 Refractive Green
C Agrax Earthshade (Full)
VMC 090 Refractive Green + VMC 201 White Glaze (Edge)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green
C Agrax Earthshade (Full)
VMC 101 Green Grey (Edge)
VMC 169 Black
C Leadbelcher
C Leadbelcher (Edge, Scratches)
C Agrax Earthshade (darken Scratches)
C Runefang Steel (Muzzle, skull-icons)
C Balthasar Gold
C Agrax Earthshade (Full)
C Sycorax Bronze
VMC 150 German Camo Black Brown
VMC 149 Chocolate Brown (Rubbel)
C Skavenblight Dinge (Stones)
C Agrax Earthshade (Full)
VMC 149 Chocolate Brown (Highlight Rubbel)
C Stormvernim Fur ( Highlight Stones)
VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green (Plants)
VMC 090 Refractive Green (Undergrowth)
C Athonian Camoshade
VMC 083 Flat Green (Highlight Plants)
VMC 094 Russian Uniform (Highlight Undergrowth)
Vallejo Burnt Umber Pigment

Sorry for the lack of updates during the last weeks, but some very serious shit has been striking my personal life and of my beloved ones. But now, things have to go on. Thank you very much for your visit, feel welcome to comment and stay tuned!