Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Aeldari Corsairs - Painting Guide

Today I'm goinig to present you the Painting Guide for my recently finished Aeldari Corsairs.
Without further ado, let's start.

1. Base colours
 I used the following colours:
VMC - Vallejo Model Color
C- Citadel Paint 

C Chaos Black: Primer
VMC Black: capes, visors, gloves, weapon parts
VMC Black Grey: armour
VMC Medium Sea Grey: weapons
VMC Saddle Brown: cloths
VMC Cavalry Brown: loincloths, scarfs
VMC Leather Brown: pouches, straps
VMC Medium Grey: Warlock shoulder pads and helmet
C Leadbelcher: blades
C Balthasar Gold: metals
C Rakarth Flesh: skin
C Averland Sunset: gemstones, lenses

2. Shade
 Next I shaded everthing, except the skin parts, with Agrax Earthshade.
I applied it generous on the entire models.

3. Bases
Next I decided to paint the bases.
The areas where the model's feet will be were covered with white tack / poster putty in the building phase.
The first colour I used was VMC Flat Earth.

Followed by a rather stippled drybrush of VMC Middlestone.

The rocks were painted with VMC Green Grey.

Afterwards I shaded the entire bases with a lot C Athonian Camoshade.
I've choosen these rather green colours to create the complementary colour for the reddish models.

The last step for the bases was a drybrush with VMC Green Grey.

4. Armour edge highlights
The most time consuming phase was the two step armour edge highlight.
The first round was done with VMC Black Grey, followed by a second edge highlight with VMC London Grey.

5. Beige edge highlights
The shoulder pads and the helmet of the Warlock were edge highlighted with VMC Medium Grey.

6. Cape highlights
The black capes received a highlight with C Skavenblight Dinge and C Stormvernim Fur.
The inner side of each cape was just highlighted with diluted VMC Black Grey.
These colours were applied rather water-diluted and also mixed with VMC Black to get better transitions. 

7. Weapon edge highlights
The weapons were edge highlighted with VMC Medium Sea Grey.

8. The forgotten base colour
The hair parts were painted with Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite

 9. Glossy Visors
The Visors of the helmets and the Wraithblades were painted with Vallejo's Gloss Medium.

10. Leather highlights
All leather highlights were applied with a mix of VMC Leather Brown and VMC Medium Grey. The mix ratio was about 60/40.

 11. Cloths highlight I
 The cloths received a layer of VMC Saddle Brown.

VMC Dark Vermillion was used for a tiny gemstone. It received a shade with C Agrax Earthshade and an edge highlight with the VMC Dark Vermillion.

 12. Cloth highlight II
The scarfs, loincloth, etc. were highlighted with VMC Cavalry Brown.
  13. Lenses
The lenses were highlighted with VMC Deep Yellow, VMC Light Yellow and a tiny spot of VMC Ice Yellow.

 14. Metal parts
The golden parts were highlighted with C Sycorax Bronze. The blades with C Leadbelcher and an edge highlight with C Runefang Steel.

 15. Gemstones
I decided to paint the gemstones in a more brownish tone. They should appear mor like a sherry topaz. So I used VMC Flat Brown for the base colour and shaded it with C Agrax Earthshade.
The brighter areas were painted with a mix of  VMC Flat Brown and VGC Bonewhite. I startet by 70/30 and increased the ratio up to 40/60 (approx). A dot of pure VGC Bonewhite was placed in the darker area as a finishing touch.

 16. Freehands
VGC Bonewhite was used to paint on some simple freehands.

17. Heads
 The skin was shaded with C Reikland Fleshshade and the hair with C Seraphim Sepia.

Afterwards the skin received a highlight with C Rakarth Flesh and then with C Pallid Wych Flesh.
Water diluted C Rakarth Flesh was used to smoothen the transitions. The hair was highlighted with GSC Bonewhite.

For the eyes and teeth i used C White Scar and a dot VMC Black Grey was also placed in the eyes. 

18. Pigments
The first pigment I used was Vallejo's Burnt Umber, which was placed in small areas with an old brush.

The next pigment I applied was Vallejo's Natural Umber.
With the old brush I stippled them over the bases and mixed the pigments together. 

Mig's Pigment Fixer was used to fix the pigments to the Bases.
After everything was dried I only had to paint the rims of the Bases.This was done with VMC Black

I've also did a headswap on a Storm Guardian. The new head is from the Blood Bowl Elves.



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