Thursday, December 12, 2019

Duke Sliscus and some reinforcements

In the last weeks I finished some reinforcments for my growing Drukhari force.

The first thing I created was Talos Pain Engine. It's a very similar kitbash to my Cronos and the main difference is just the weapon loadout.

Inspired by the Codex and some artworks, I also wanted to start my Wych-Cult. The first units should be some standard Wyches, which are one of the coolest Dark Eldar for me. The Idea was simply a more *cough*naked*cough* dynamic look. And the Daughters of Khaine Witches should serve as a perfect match for my vision, The Kitbash turned out really simple - upper half drukhari, lower half witches and a bit green stuff to correct the transition on there bellys. I'm looking forward to do some more of them soon.

The latest addition was an Archon. I thought a long time about the look of my archon and how I would bring it to life. I had a lot of struggle to find the right bits and create something I was happy with. But fortunatly something really cool happend and I had this Archon on my table:

You may think you have seen this model before - and you are totally right. This model was converted by Adam Wier, back in 2014. It is such a lovely conversion, just look at the small additions to the armour or pistol and the trigger finger. I hope my paintjob does the model justice!
Duke Sliscus and his Trueborn retinue always inspired me, since I first saw them. They actually inspired me to build my Aeldari Corsairs earlier this year. And now they are displayed next to each other. I'm so proud to add Duke Sliscus to my army and I'm really looking forward to let him lead some raids soon! Thank you for this amazing gift!

Stay tuned and thank you very much for your visit!