Monday, August 26, 2019

Back to the Future!

Méa Lorhan
Imperial Agent
Ordo Hereticus
Gunslinger / Infiltrator

This model is based on a Hasslefree Miniature, which is a bit smaller, than the typical GW sculpt. I was looking for a mini that fits the Forge World Escher heads and this one caught my attention. I removed her head, added an additional strap with 0.2mm plastic-card on her front and added a 40K-styled backback. This is a very simple conversion, as shown on the following WIP pictures.

This was surprisingly fast intermezzo from start to finish. I build and paint her in less than a day. The basing includes some of the gained experience from my recent diorama project. I also used AK's ultra matte varnish, which I can't recommend enough ;-).

I'll leave with a short teaser of things to come...

Thank you very much for your visit and stay tuned! As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Another excursion into something different today. I spent the last days in the 1:72 scale world and created a small diorama. I wanted to make it as realistic as I could. And I think it turned out pretty neat for a first try. But take a look for yourself a bit later.

After creating the first 28mm terrain pieces of my Namorra Prime project, I'm searching for ways to pimp that scenery even more. So, this little project was mainly a lesson in different matirials, which I haven't used before. I learned a lot about how to handle them and how to combine them. I used seafoam trees, flocks and fake leaves for the first time and now I can create foliage in some new and easy ways. This was really helpful in increasing my skills.

The diorama I've created is a reference to the game CoD Modern Warfare 2. In one of the missions russian Speznas paratroopers invade the USA. There are no such speznas models on the market, so I've kitbashed some tiny 15mm plastic soldiers. It was a pain in the a*s. They are cast in soft plastic and the castings and moldlines are an absolut nightmare. However, that didn't stopped me doing this and I created these minis:
It took me two whole days from the first cut to the last brush stroke. Motivated by their appearence I started the diorama base and my workflow didn't stopped till it was done. I created trees, bushes and some small details like concrete barricades and speed limit signs. For those of you, which haven't played the game, here are some reference pictures:
 And now, to keep things short, here is my interpretation of that in a small 1:72 scale diorama.
Pretty pleased with my first attempt in creating a realistic diorama and it was a fun experiment. Please let me know what you think and thank you very much for your visit! Stay tuned and best regards!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Hey folks! It's been a while since my last update. This time I have something totally different for you.
We are leaveing the grim darkness of the 40K Universe and visit the grim dark age.
This August is dedicated to my small side project SAGA. A historical tabletop System from Studio Tomahawk. This game can rather be played in a skirmish scale and it seems to have an interesting and easy ruleset, that can be customized for your own needs. There is also a new book 'Age of Magic' that is designed to play fantasy factions.

My goal is to build two small forces in one month. First a small viking force and an undead horde (I'm a huge fan of Vikings and Skyrim by the way ;-P). Due to that, I don't focus on historical correctness but use the rule of cool. Let's see if I can handle this in the deadline i've set myself.
For the vikings I found some awesome Minis that are from different manufactures like Stronghold Terrain, V&V Miniatures, Gripping Beast and Brother Vinni. The undead horde will be presented by GW's Nighhaunts and Skelleton warriors. The recent days I was very busy with building and painting the vikings. And as one of my hobby-habits I made some smaller kitbashes and include a few minor conversions. The first Mini that I've test-painted was Torvi from Stronghold-Terrain.
The used colours are rather desaturated and I tried to achieve a dark colour scheme with a limited pallet. The bases should match my Namorra Prime Terrain, and they do :-). I'm pretty pleased with this tabletop standard quality. The method I used is just base colours, washes, edge highlights and a bit of weathering. For the weathering I used enamel products (AK striking grime and white spirit) for the first time and also some pigments for light dirt. After a bad experience with the matte spray varnish from Army Painter I wanted to try something new. AK's Matte Varnish, diluted with airbrush thinner was applied with an airbrush. But to be honest, this looks more like a satin finish and the surface remains rather shiny, as you can see in the pictures above. So I ordered AK's Ultra Matte Varnish and it worked like a charm in the end. It eliminates the shine of the first varnish, of washed surfaces, PVA glue, enamel products and so on. I love this stuff and finally found a proper way to varnish my models if needed. You can see the difference in the following picture.
Painting these models is very enjoyable and I can practice my skills in painting faces, freehands, clothes and speed. A few pictures of these details.
I finished nine models so far. These are already playable and can count as a warlord, 8 warriors or 2 x 4 elite warriors. I want to expand this force with 8 additional vikings and then I'm looking forward to work on the undead force. And now some pictures of this warband so far. SHIELDWALL!
Please let me know if you're interested in this non-Warhammer stuff in the comment section down below, thank you very much for your visit and stay tuned!