Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Celgatta Clan

The Celgatta Clan, a shadowy organisation of life-long trained mercenaries is specialized in tasks like assassinations, bounty hunting or personal security. The gathered power and wealth gives the clan access to some of the best equipment and weapons you can find in the imperium.

The noble House Liskus hired the Celgatta Clan to infiltrate the Ondroma System and make sure that House Liskus receives that invaluable STC. Lady Amitra Liskus herself, heir to the Liskus trading empire will team up with the Celgatta operatives at their designated location and take command on this glorious and advantageous mission.

But the Celgatta task force receives new mission parameters, whilst they are already on their way to the Ondroma system. Lady Amitra Liskus hasn’t come back yet from a risky treasure hunt on the Primogenitor. Her ship was seriously damaged and now she is trapped inside the recently discovered space hulk. The last vox transmissions were... unsetteling.

Their updated mission seems to be easy. Infiltrate the Primogenitor, search and rescue Lady Amitra Liskus and head to the Ondroma System ASAP.

Hubris is a lesson they will learn soon.


These kitbashes are basically all based on Delaque torsos, Palatine Enforcer legs and all kinds of GSC Arms. I used my trusty hobby knive to trim the shoulder pads of the GSC arms and also the Enforcers legs to get a nice fitting of the transitions. A little green stuff here and there and the parts fit really nicely together.
Some other parts I used are as the following: The Heavy Bolter is from the SM Scouts, and the Breacher's axe is from the Warcry Cypher Lords. The Medic uses parts from Sanistasia Minst, and the the BSF Navigator's backpack with some addons from the Mission Objectives Kit.
To underline the special operatives look I also added a lot of different pouches, equipment backpacks and grenades. My goal was to get different characters in a uniformed unit and I took care by the choice of the heads and weapons to achieve this.

I tried to raise my bar with this project and tried my best when it came to the paintjob. I choose, like always ;-P, a more desaturated colour scheme for the uniforms. Mostly cold blue- and brown-greys were used for this. The glowing parts and some details should do the contrast with warm colours like reds and oranges.


Whilst I build these Celgatta Operatives for the Primogenitor Invitational it was a spontanious idea to make the connection to my Ondroma campaign. I really like these troops and maybe I've searched subliminally for a way to get them involved in a real game. I usually have nearly no possibilities for gaming, for those who don't know it yet.   

Thank you very much for your visit and stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Brother Captain Ares

=]Brother Captain Ares[=
Blackshield of the Deathwatch.
Ordo Xenos
Status: classified

I hope you had a nice holiday season and a great start in the new year! I wasn't home for two weeks and I'm finally back at my hobby desk. This model is the last one I've finished in 2019 and also the start of my next warband.

It's basicly a Primaris Reiver with a Grey Knight torso and a custom SMG styled Bolter.
I really had a blast building and painting this model. I wanted something like a truescale marine and combined it with a tactical dreadnougt armour. The pose works quite well and it corrects the shoulder problem slightly. For the colour scheme I wanted to go for the classic one and tried some new techniques like creating texture with stippling.

Rock on guys and stay tuned! The Emperor protects.