Monday, April 29, 2019

Work in Progress

Last week was not blessed with time for hobby. But I still managed to create some additions for my projects.

First I finished the build of new member for my Tzeentch Cult. The 9th member is a melee fighter.
His torso and arms are from a Kairic Acolyte, which were combined with legs from a Neophtye Hybrid. The GSC symbol was replaced with a tzeentchian one and the transition between the torso and legs were filled with Green Stuff. I also added a plate of the Kairic Acolytes again. I really like these little and versatile plates ;-)
For the head I used one of the Blightkings. Removed the horns and added Green Stuff to achive kind of a wrapped scarf. Next was the weapon. I wanted to have a simple, two handed weapon, which matches the appearance of the other cultists. A Gor spear was the foundation. I've shortened the staff, glued on a reversed hand and used an axe-head, which was also taken from the Gors-Kit. I needed to fill a small gap on the reversed hand and the model was ready for basing. This was done in the same way as before.

I also started to work on another model for the cult. It's based on a Skaven body, which I received from PDH for sending him two old 'Brown Inks'. He actually send me a lot of cool bitz for these two inks! For the models head I used a bird skull and the lower half of a Crypt Ghoul's head. Afterwards I sculpted a hood with green stuff.

During researches for Slaanesh related stuff I stumbled over the following artwork. It's really awesome in my opinion.

The artwork fits my imagination of a 'Herald of Slaanesh' more than perfect. So I started the kitbash.
I used a Fiend's torso and added the snake tail from a Melusai Blood Sister. The Fiend's loincloth was placed on the backside and the gaps were filled with Green Stuff.

The Fiend's Claws were replaced with hands from a Bloodletter. The sword is taken from the Tzaangor of the 'Eyes of the Nine' Warband.

For creating transitions and filling gaps I used Green Stuff again. I'm really looking forward to continue my work on this model and like the direction i'm heading with this.

Thanks a lot for your visit, feel welcome to comment and stay tuned.


  1. Awesome! The fighter is just cool. The Herald is a great idea. I agree the art work is lovely and loving the look of the conversion.