Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Big Update (part 2 - Muskets and Tomahawks)

Without furtherado, let's continue with part 2 of my blog update. Another System I'm looking forward to is the upcoming german release of  Muskets & Tomahawks. A skirmish game for the era of black powder, which you can start to play with a rather small selection of models.

The first army I want to have is a small bunch of Woodland Indians for the French Indian War era. I bought a box from Warlord Games and I really enjoyed to paint these metal minis. I will add a few additional Perry Miniatures later to complete this first step.

I really had a lot of fun and I tried out new stuff for my bases. This time I wanted to create a woodland styled base type for my planned realistic-green-multiuse-modular-terrain I am working on.

Best regards and thanks for your visit!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Big Update (part 1)

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine. I feel so sorry for the lack of updates.
Here is a summary of the things I managed to paint and create since my last post.

First, some sad news. I have to say that the Ondroma Event has to be moved to a yet unknown date. We all know the reason for this, so no words needed I guess. I will keep you informed ;-).

Since my last post I started to look into different settings and game systems that caught my interest. I also wanted to improve my painting skill. The First thing was Star Wars Legion. I loved Star Wars since I was a Kid and of course I was very interested in this miniature game. I managed to paint a few imperial models. I started with a unit of Scout Troopers. It was really fun to paint their white armour. Then I continued with an imperial Officer, two Droids and Director Orson Krennic.

These models are great and I really like them. The material is a bit soft, which makes it harder to remove their mold lines, but they are a pleasure to paint!

I also painted some minis for the WWII Game - Bolt Action. I started last year with some german vehicles and now continued with some british infantry. My best friend now started wargaming and  wants to build up a german and US army :-). So here is the stuff I have for this system so far.
The vehicles are from Rubicon Models, the infantry is a plastic kit from Warlord Games.

The style of the next System is one of my favourites. I really like the Cyperpunk theme and I already tried to get the look and feel of this on the first bust I have painted.

Today I want to share another non warhammer related project which I'm very proud of. I painted my first bust last december and it was a really cool experience, I learned a lot of things and I had a lot of fun. It is a complete different feeling than painting my usual wargaming scale. I tried my luck in different light sources, textures and I am so happy with the result. My plan was to underline the cyberpunk look with the choosen colours and achive a really dark theme.

This lovely sculpted bust is called 'Online' from pedrofernandezworks and the quality of the casting is stunning! Looking forward to my next bust 'Offline' and I only can recommend projects like this to challange yourself with a welcome change and open up new perspectives in your own hobby-mindset.

I've never shared it on my blog. So, here it is:

Recently I fell in love with Infinity - The Game. I absolutly love their miniature range and the game system looks very cool. I could not resist to turn this colourful, manga influenced style into a darker cyberpunk theme. I think these minis are perfect for this!

I also started to create some scatter terrain. The following displays and planters are scratch builds with plasticcard. The inlays of these displays can be changed and aren't fixed. They are simply printed and are inserted together with a projector foil.

On my current mission to increase my skills as a a painter, I think that all these different projects really help me to try out new things and push my style forward. Each miniature range feels different and I try out things, that I wouldn't have done on another one.

Best regards, sorry for the long wait and as always, thank you very much for your visit! Part 2 will follow soon ;-)