Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rogue Trader

Last week I had the opportunity to continue the work my Rogue Trader Kill Team. And I even finished the whole team. The choosen characters of this Kill Team are simply based on the Elucidian Starstriders rules. So I can use them in INQ28, Kill Team and even in 40K. I really like their appearance and unified look next to each other and I'm pretty happy how they turned out.

I decided to keep my palette as limited as possible and and continue with the colour scheme. The characters spent a long time in their ship and so I wanted to go on with a pale skin tone to represent this fact.

The Gunner with a rotor cannon completes the squad of my recently finished Voisdmen and was build and painted in the same way.

The Death Cult Executioner was the first model which I finished for this Kill Team. I love her dynamic pose in comparison to the other retinues and it helps to underline her superior fighting skills.

A Servo Skull counts as Aximillion, because it fits my desired theme way better than a dog. I think the servo spike is a little something that justifys the melee attributes.

The Rejuvenat Adept conversion was a challenging one. I wanted a characteristic but still unified look. She's based half on a Warhammer Shadow Warrior Elve and Escher legs. I've added several bits and the backpack for letting her look like a medic specialist.

With the Lectro-Maester I tried to bring more of the grim darkness into my team. I really like all these Nighhaunt / AdMech conversions but thought something should be outstanding. I looked at a lot of these conversions and the answer was pretty simple: legs.I also decided to transform the electro pistol into a staff to gain a more sinister look. I tried to augment this look by choosing a dark colour for his robe. I placed a small AdMech decal on his shoulder to counteract that he's looking to much like a Dark Mechanicum member.

The Rogue Trader herself is based on the new Genestealers Magus mini. I saw this model and immediately knew that she is the model I was looking for. The conversion was very fast and easy. Personally I think her appearance is a good mix of elegance and tactical abbilities which a noble (and still loyal) Rogue Trader represents in my opinion.

I will try to extend the range of my Voidsmen and maybe I'll have a small 40K expedition force at some time. If so, im pretty sure, I'll add some squad markings, numbers, etc. to the models and evetually do some minor changes to their bases. Let's see what the future will bring, stay tuned and thanks for your visit!


  1. Another absolutely fantastic update from you! The entire crew looks marvelous together! The Rogue Trader conversion works like a charm -- is that the head from the easy to build Stormcast Eternal Sequitors? She would work really well as an Inquisitrix as well -- and I think I may have to "borrow" the idea from you ;)

    The Laectro Maester actually looks like an actual GW kit -- brilliant work!

    Seeing all of these together makes me want to double down on my earlier observation, though: Some subtle orange symbols/markings would do wonders to tie the group together even more and add just that little bit of extra pop to them. Just sayin'...

    1. Thank you very much mate! Glad you like 'em.

      It was a hard decision between a Rogue Trader or an Inquisitrix. I mainly decided to go for the Rogue Trader, just because there aren't so much minis out there. And you're right on the Sequitor head ;)

      And please 'borrow' that idea! I really love to see different attempts on the same model or project!

      And I will go for some subtle markings. Your suggestion to do them in orange is so nice! I would have done white or grey markings, but a bit more colour for that extra pop... absolutly convinced. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all amazing inspiration!

    1. Oh boy, I feel honoured!
      Thats a perfectly executed copy of her. Really cool ;-)
      Best regards and keep on the amazing work!

    2. By the way, that Furiosa-Escher is really nice too. And there is something blured in the back that also caught my interest. I guess it is this:
      That is really nice!

  3. Can you tell me what bits you used on the magus? Where is the right open hand from?

    1. Hi Patrick!
      Sure and sorry for the late reply.
      Body: GSC Magus
      Head: Stormcast(Easy to buid)
      Arms: Escher Gangers
      Hand right: Nighhaunt Chainrasp
      Hand+Sword: Janus Draike (BSF)
      Servoskull: SM Devastators
      You'll also need some smaller imperial Icons a 'box' from the IG Scions and a Van Saar Auspex.

      I hope this helps! Best Regards.

    2. wow thank you, keep up the great work

  4. Hey, found these pictures, love the level of conversion work on these, quite impressive. I have a question though, what body did you use for your death cult assassin? I thought it might be an Escher, but the clothes are wrong.

    1. Hi Niall.
      Thank you for your kind words! The Assassin is basicly just a Daughter of Khaine / Witch Aelve with Escher arms and few additional bitz ;-)
      Best regards!

  5. Hey, found this on pinterest and tracked it back to your instagram and blog and I LOVE your work. I've just started getting into conversions and your models and blog have been both super helpful and inspiring. I was wondering what all did you use for Lectro-Maester?

    1. Hi Hunter,
      thank you very much and sorry for my late reply!

      He is basicly based on a Nighthaunt Chainrasp and Skitarii Legs. The Arms are from the Necromunda Van-Saar Gangers. The Backpack is taken from the Ad-Mech Techpriest. I also used a lot of smaller Bitz to create the staff and add smaller additions. The stuff is based on a Gor spear and the other hand is from the Nurgle Blood-Bowl kit. Also I used some self made green stuff tubes. Hope this helps ;-) Best regards!