Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bonereaper Challenge

I proudly present you my contribution for the very cool Bonereaper Challenge from Between the Bolter and Me. This challenge was the perfect opportunity to add a new model to my Drukhari Army. A model I hadn't thought of without this challenge - another Haemonculus.

I have looked forward to this project since I first heard of it. Adam Wier did such a fantastic job with his conversion. Masterclass sculpting and I love how otherworldly his Eldar looks. A tall and slender Xenos, just pure awesomeness! Inspired by this I was aiming to get something similar but that hasn't worked well.

After I opend the box of the Bonereaper Mortek Guard my first thought was: 'Damn, these are tiny and so delicate!'. I cutted two models into pieces and tried to combine various bits with different arms and leg parts of all different kits like eldar or tyranids. Due to the fact that my green stuff skills are rather awkward, I started to rethink the possibilitys that this bonereaper kit offered for my style of converting. The head was the first thing I was sure about. Upper half mortek guard and the lower half is a modified head from the Drukhari Helions. I contiued to play around with combinations of bits and finally had a new plan.   

After I had found a good starting point I tried to get the Bonereaper bitz into the game. They were used for the Head, the belly middelpart with loincloth, on his back and for the upper arms. I also used some stuff similar to my other models to get a coherent look. I used the whips of the Daughters of Khaine and added blades and an injector. Inspired by the Codex artwork I created a strange drukhari artifact, which hovers in his hand. A few more details like chains and spikes and I was done and really pleased with the result. The paintjob was done in the same way as on my other Drukhari and was a lot of fun.

 Thank you very much for your interest and I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do. Stay tuned!


  1. Slaanesh have mercy! He looks delightfully sinister.
    A model to be rightfully proud of, a wonderful piece.

    1. Thank you very much and sorry for my late reply, but I am really happy you like it!
      Best regards!

  2. This is an absolutely stunning piece, mate! To the point where it could actually be sold as an - improved - Haemonculus kit by GW. Those sculpted Bonereaper heads are just a perfect fit for the Haemonculi and their need for 'self-optimisation'. And the paintjob is quite wonderful as well, although that was to be expected ;)

    The only part I wasn't completely sold on initially are the 'braids-used-as-mechadendrites-of-a-sort', but then they do lend a slightly otherworldly quality to the model, which is a great fit for Drukhari/Dark Eldar. The artifact is a cool touch as well!

    I'll also have you know that this model of yours really threw me in for a loop regarding my own Bonereaper conversion, because after seeing how cool your model was, I realised that building a Haemonculus was straight out of the question ;)

    Anyway, fantastic job, mate!

    Stay safe and healthy!


    1. Thank you! Means a lot hearing this from you :-)

      I used these braids as a connection to my first Haemonculus and their texture works better than a cable or the GS tube rolls (for a xenos) in my opinion.

      The paintjob was really fun and I am really proud how the artefact looks.

      I saw your Reaper conversion on the BtBaM blog and I think it turned out pretty cool. I really like the silhuette that the spear and hair creates and the pose looks so natural and bad ass! Simple and very effective!

      By the way, I have moved the Ondroma-Event to a later date (late-summer, autumn, ?) this year. So, there is still a lot of time.

      Hope you stay safe and healthy as well, whilst Nurgle is doing his thing. Weird times, eh?

      All the best and sorry for my late reply!

  3. Hi, really nice conversion!
    What bits have you used for the robe of the haemonculus?

  4. Thank you very much! The robe is part of the Aeldari Farseer, which serves as the lower base model ;-)