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ONDROMA - Chapter I: Namorra Prime

Namorra Prime was once a civilised world of the Imperium. However, after centuries of civil war, brutal conflicts, and natural disasters, there are only a few Imperial strongholds left. Although Imperial in name, many of these strongholds are led by vicious Leaders, that are more similar to warloads than loyal followers of the Imperial Creed. The progressive decay of Namorra Prime lead to the rise of warbands, tribes, cults, and scavengers, which started a vicious cycle that further pushed the planet into regression. If the Administratum attempted a planetary census, Namorra Prime would undoubtedly be reclassified as a feral world, however the Imperium’s bureaucracy makes the probability of such an effort virtually nonexistant.

Hive City Kargon V was not exempt from the mayhem. The ruling Houses fought bitterly to retain control of the crumbling hive, with their Nobles trying to empower their forces and craft fragile alliances. Years of this internecine conflict, coupled with the steadily diminishing resources of a ravaged planet, dulled the Houses’ perception of anything beyond their own inflated egos, preventing them from seeing a rising darkness that was flooding the planet. Suddenly they realized an even more horrific danger had festered while they struggled for existence. Although incomplete and nebulous, records suggest Haunting Shadows came out of the shadows in every sector, a dark and powerful enemy, possessed by something, a morbid rapture. Conflict continued for many years, possibly for decades. As the 41st millennium comes to a close, it is not clear if there was the victor, or if the bloodshed continues unabated, for transmitted records have long since ceased.

During this tenuous time, the Planetary Defence Forces of Namorra Prime abandoned their sacred duty and retreated to their base on the surrounding moon. This base, once a small space port, was fortified to become the fortress Receptum. Archived records suggest that in cases of extreme need they were beseeched by local governments or even some of the warlords for support or rescue, but such requests fell on deft ears, for the PDF had completely cut ties with Namorra Prime, leaving them to their dire fate.

An emergency signal was detected a few days ago, its origin in the Ondroma Sector. Although the encoded message may be corrupted, it is certain that it originated from the Namorra Prime. Rumours suggest that a lost STC may have been recovered in the system, but no records can confirm the veracity of the claim. The Adeptus Administratum could not leave such rumours uninvestigated, and has sanctioned Rogue Traders to converge on the Ondroma system. This is only the official response of the Imperium of Man, however. As can be imagined, the destress signal has attracted all manner of other interest, including the Ordos and other less reputable factions. The Adeptus Mechanicus undoubtedly have deeper knowledge about Ondroma and their former Manufactorums on Drayker Zulu, but they remain curiously silent. Agents of the Ordos confirmed that they secretly sent out an exploration fleet. And it is very probable that the Inquisition is already heading towards this system as well.

Ultimately, it is still unclear how the rumour about the STC appeared, but it is simply too important to ignore. Furthermore, the signal was sent over an unimaginably long distance, making its interception by various Xenos races a certainty. Such holy data and technology cannot fall into such unclean hands.

All manner of explorers try to reach the system in secret to start orbital reconnaissance. The source of the signal may have been located in a still working relay station on the outskirts of the Wildlands, near Hive Kargon V. Therefore, this is the first point for the converging forces to start their investigations to gather more information. The first step into the abyss.
There are different factions on Namorra Prime that are aware of the incoming invaders, and want to decipher what is happening. Having been cut off from the Imperium for so long, they were surprised and shocked by the sudden arrival of these strangers. They remember stories and legends that their parents told them long ago. Stories of war, decay, and fear. Stories of a time that was. Stories told from generation to generation. Civilians hide, flee and seek shelter. Still loyal governors hold out hope for their long-awaited help. Warlords fear a loss of territory and power, or may see a way to increase both. Isolated tribes bring in their harvest and send out their warriors to protect their holy places. Cults see a chance to fulfil their beliefs, or see a prophecy come true. Renegades and Marauders gather their forces to scavenge new treasures. A dark new era is beginning, and it begins on Namorra Prime.

Story by Lars Sammet
Edited by Eric Wier

The Ondroma System in the Segmentum Ultima is named after his central planet, the Gas Giant
Ondroma. This red giant appears like the main sun on the surrounding planets, but there is another sun far away that actually enables life in this system. 

Levia VI is classified as a former Mining World. There are ancient structures all over the planet’s surface and below. But, so far as discovered, these aren’t typical Necron tombs. Their origin was
never discovered, neither who built them or for what purpose. It's a planet with a harsh environment and still offers a lot of resources which were needed in the Mechanicus Factorums on Drayker Zulu. The consistent expanding mines, imperial outposts and exploiting of resources lead to a harmful atmosphere. Millions of slaves were forced to work in the mines by the imperial government. Clans and gangs arisen over decades and a revolt was inevitable.

Drayker Zulu is classified as an Industrial World. It was ruled by the Adeptus Mechanicus and
colonised for supporting the other worlds with machines and weapons. There are rumours that the Mechanicus recovered or found an STC in this system, but that could never be confirmed. What is confirmed, on the other hand, is that a part of the ruling Mechanicus allied with darker powers and were intended to isolate the planet. The recorded history of Drayker Zulu stopped during the systems decay and remains unknown.

Rith is classified as the Agri-World of the Ondroma System. Back in the wealthy days of the System it provided food and water for the colonised planets. The planet’s actual status is unknown for more than hundred years.


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