Thursday, November 14, 2019

I finished another unit for my Dark Eldar army. The latest addition is a unit of three Grotesques. These should appear like the link between my Wracks and the Cronos. My Lady Haemonculus has her very own style as a flesh-twisting artist and I want to show that in my, ehm her creations.
The models are based on a Genestealer torso, which were placed on legs of the Dark Elfs from Blood Bowl. The legs were extended with Wraith-Guard legs. A Scourges back was placed on the shoulders and a Reiver-grav-thing was also placed on the back. The armour which was created this way got it's full effect from the paintjob. The slightly converted heads are from the Wraith-Guards and I really love that Xenomorph-like shape!
Stay tuned and thank you very much for your visit

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